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It’s not unusual for a man to want to get away and bask in the glory of masculinity. For the lucky few it is the home office, or a comfortable bonus room. For the larger part of the population the man cave has been relegated to the garage. The pros of the garage include the expansive space, plentiful electricity outlets, maybe a sink, and…that’s really about it. There are too many cons to count, but some planning can turn the garage into a full functioning gym, office, and hang out spot. Gym –... Go to article.
As one of the largest spaces in the home it seems like a waste to just use the garage for cars and old Christmas decorations. This sentiment is being shared across the United States and the garage is quickly becoming more than just a place for storage. The first step in making the garage more friendly and comfortable starts at the bottom. The garage floor is the first step in the transformation, and there are many options out there. Concrete is the longstanding incumbent while Epoxy is quickly... Go to article.
A gym requires a special design in every sense of the word. There are gyms that are highly specialized and they definitely require much focus. Gyms are for Olympians, for the high-performance athletes, for the national team of a country, for women’s fitness, adult health, mixed Gyms and many more. All gyms need to be correct, ergonomic, healthy and equipped with adequate facilities. If you've thought about the type of equipment, furniture and machinery that you will use in your gym, you must... Go to article.
We all know that the flooring for hospitals and health facilities demands special requirements. If you are looking for flooring solutions for the healthcare industry, then Exelia is your one stop source. Exelia offers a perfect and easy to maintain, clean and hygienic surface to support these kinds of institutions and corporations. Healthcare establishments including hospitals, dental clinics, medical care centers, pharmaceuticals face unique challenges with respect to their flooring needs. For... Go to article.
Floors of food production and processing factories have to face the harshest environments in comparison with any other industries. There are several factors which cause damage to concrete like thermal shock, heavy traffic, frequent cleaning, corrosive products, etc. So, the processing floors should be durable and contribute to the overall sanitation of the facility. In this way, food processing flooring systems should be designed in a way to properly handle aggressive thermal and chemical... Go to article.
For renovating commercial facilities, choosing stylish PVC floors has always been a great idea as the installation is much easier and can be better maintained. The availability of these floors in different finishes, designs and textures is appealing a numbers of industries especially hospitals, factories, food processing plants and many others. But a reliable industrial floor is one which is tough enough and can provide the necessary comfort to the daily users. Exelia knows this well and their... Go to article.
These days, the usage of PVC flooring has been immensely increasing for industrial purposes. As it comes with infinite beneficial qualities, it is regarded as best alternative when compared to other flooring materials. PVC flooring is versatile, available in varied designs and requires less maintenance. Due to these outstanding qualities, it is being used in many commercial and industrial areas including schools, hospitals, airports, chemical plants, food industries, etc. In comparison with... Go to article.